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Pucker Up is a game made I made for the Linux Game Jam 2017 which was hosted by The Linux Gamer. All of the development and testing was done on a Ubuntu 16.04 machine, so best of luck if you want to build/run it on something else. I'm currently away from my Windows and OS X machines, so I can't make any of those binaries, sorry.

The source code is available here on GitLab.

Update 3/27/17: I made a HTML5 port.

Update 3/25/17: If you played this during the Jam, I've changed the control scheme just slightly.

Needed to Run

  • Some machine that can handle OpenGL
  • A monitor that has at least 800x800 pixels (sorry, that screen size is hardcoded in, my bad)
  • Some sort of audio device
  • SDL2 and SDL2_Mixer runtime libraries installed

How To Play

The goal of the game is simple. Make sure that little white puck that is bouncing around doesn't get into the goal at the center. You have two shields that you can bounce the puck off of. Your score at the end of the game will appear in the terminal window.


  • Q -- Move outter shield counter clock wise
  • W -- Move inner shield counter clock wise
  • O -- Move inner shield clock wise
  • P -- Move outter shield clock wise
  • Esc -- Quit the game
  • R -- Reset the game

(I'm sorry for the QWOP control scheme... It happened by accident, I swear.)

How it was made

I decided I wanted to do some game development in Nim, and do it a bit more "Hard Core," so I decided to forego using a well known game library and build my own. Since Nim is still quite in its infancy, there was a lot more work cut out for me.

In the end, I decided to just use the Circle drawing and collision stuff to game the game. I had to scale back on my original ideas, as I spent way more time on infrastructure work rather than the actual game logic. It was stuff fun and I'm somewhat satisfied with what I made.

"I'm going to write my own game engine from scratch during this game jam, it will be fun!" Things I'll never ever say again...


  • I've got a website right here, 16BPP.net, I talk about all sort of stuff there related to computer graphics, game development, and programming. I also have some tutorial there
  • I'm also on Twitter with the handle @DefPriPub


Pucker Up (64 Bit Linux) 301 kB

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